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Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA)

  • Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA)
  • Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA)
  • Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA)
  • Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA)
Price : €109,00
Type : Sell
Date : November 18, 2020
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : Slovenska Bistrica

Contessa Picatinny Rail for H&K 940, 770 (0 MOA) Details


Picatinny rail consists of slots with 5.23 mm spaces between one another, which means that it can be used across its entire length. It is simple to mount and interchangeable – if something is made for a Picatinny rail, it will fit regardless of the manufacturer or manufacturing date. It is affordable, resilient and reliable – this is why it so commonly used by professionals and military. Because of all its great qualities, Picatinny rail has been dominating the rail market in the recent years.

Picatinny is a big step forward from the Weaver standard. Weaver has a few predesignated slots while Picatinny has slots all over its surface, allowing the device to be mounted wherever the user finds it fitting. Weaver’s slot is 3.8 mm wide, which is why ring mounts made for a Weaver rail will also fit on a Picatinny rail while ring mounts made specifically for a Picatinny rail will not fit on a Weaver rail. This is one of the main reasons why Picatinny is a far better mounting solution.

Contessa is an Italian company, famous for producing aesthetically appealing mounts with a nice finish. The tolerances of the produced pieces are very tight – there are no deviations, the mounts are very carefully machined. Contessa’s Picatinny rails are made from steel and come with their unique screws which fit nicely into the rail. The screws have a huge contact surface and a bigger head than screws of other mount manufacturers, while the thread is the same. Contessa’s Picatinny rails, made in Italy, are available in both 0 MOA and 20 MOA versions. Throughout the middle of the rail, there is a canal so that the rail can be used together with rifle’s sights.

About the rifle

Heckler & Koch, a firearms manufacturing company, was established in Germany. For years, they have been cooperating with police, security forces, and NATO. They manufacture assault rifles, precision rifles, machine guns, pistols etc. The company is known for the development of polygonal rifling and use of polymers in weapon designs.

H&K 770 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered for .308 Win. It is a sporting rifle, based on the design of H&K SL7. There are two magazines available, either with the capacity of 3 and 10 rounds. It is approx. 1130 mm long. Design-wise, H&K 940 is very similar to 770 but is a little longer (1200 mm) and heavier. It is chambered for the 30-06. Sprg. Caliber.

For mounting purposes, both rifles have two recesses (holes) in the shape of a square on the top of the receiver.

A: /

B: /

C: /

BHU: 0 mm

Fi: 6-48

R1: Flat

R2: Flat

Mounting instructions

Remove all the stains (grease, oil etc.) from the rifle’s receiver with a cleaning fluid (acetone). Once the surface is clean and dry, check whether the screws match the rail and the holes on the receiver. Make sure that the Picatinny rail is compatible with the rifle by inspecting the mounting holes on both. Before mounting the rail permanently, apply a minimal amount of thread-locking fluid 278 or 648 on screws and contact surfaces. Be careful not to get the fluid in or near the mounting holes. Carefully clean the remaining excess fluid around the rail with a cleaning fluid. Using a torque driver, screw the screws appropriately (up to 2.2 Nm) – do not overtighten.


The product has a warranty period of 30 years.

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