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Cynology (rarely kynology) is the study of matters related to canines or domestic dogs. In English it may be a term sometimes used to denote serious zoological approach to the study of dogs as well as by writers on canine subjects, dog breeders and trainers and enthusiasts who informally study the dog.

But yes, we all know what that means in theory. Hunting as an activity has changed alot. Modern GPS tracking devices do not leave nothing by coincidence as for the »old« hunters rely only on the dogs backtracking abilities. If the dog cannot return by himself… Well he was a gonner. Nowadays we pick a puppy, we nurture it to the fully-grown dog. We provide him/her with rthe best schooling we know how, the best food etc.. Anyways we all know that things had changed and that is what this articles are all going to be about.

We will try to give you some creative content about:

  • Hunting breeds
  • Different approach to hunting with dogs
  • Gear necessary for hunting with dogs
  • Some general info
  • Video and photos of hunting
  • Diffrent methods of dog-schooling
  • Breeding

If you have some questions or info. what you want us to write about, we will be happy to respond, research and create interesting content. Anyway and now to introduce myself. My name is Tomaž Dajčar. I live and hunt in Slovenia. Now I have 4 dogs, because the oldest had to be put down, due to her pain and other health issues. I am working to become a judge for work for flushing dogs and later on for the other breeds. We had hunting dogs since I can remember – usually pointers and flushing dogs. Maybe that is it for now and I will talk about more about my experience through articles.

European Gun Market, Article: 1/TD/3/20

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