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Pulsar Forward F455 Digital Night Vision Attachment

Pulsar Forward F455 Digital Night Vision Attachment

So today I decided that I would like to talk to you about the already well known Pulsar device. As the title already says we will be talking about the Pulsar Forward F455. In my opinion is the F455 one of the best budget digital night vision devices on the market. But before you will jump and grab yours at the store. I would like to tell you mine personally Pulsar Forward F455 experience.

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As you already probably know the Pulsar digital night vision front Attachment forward f455 is a “clip-on” device. Which gained his popularity afther its predcessor the Pulsar Forward F135 and F155. The model F135 was not as popular as the F155, anyways the F455 was released in 2019 and it kicked up the market once again.

The model F455 has a highly sensitive CMOS sensor featuring 1280×720 HD resolution and it really does the work. It delivers the image with precise detail rendering. As pulsar describes it on their website. And this is a fact.

So what has Pulsar improved form model F155 to F455. In my personal opinion it definitely improved the detection range, pure image view. On closer range the image is almost crystal clear. There is absolutely no problem of seeing animal horns on 100 meters and above. With the right preset you can achieve amazing results from this device. But we should definitely not forget that Pulsar has finally upgraded their Wi-Fi settings. The image, video transfer from the F455 device to your cell-phone it’s now not anymore a pain in the a** as it was on the F135 and F155.

Also to be honest, the Pulsar F455 is a budget list night vision clip-on device. You can get it for something more than 1200 euros. And in comparison to the competition devices this is just unbelievable. I personally use the Russan quick release adapter. And its doing his job amazing. Like the predecessor F155 the F455 does not need any zeroing. You simply clip it on, and you are ready to go. Another big pro of the Pulsar F455 device is that the device is resistant to high caliber recoil, 12 gauge, 9.3×64, .375H&H, i’ve been testing it also on a 300 winchester magnum. And it truly keeps the point of impact. I use the IPS5 battery because its lighter and therefore does less pressure on the gun, rifle scope since overall the device is still a clip-on device. But you can use other batteries with no problem. This is just a personal preference. Overall I would say that Pulsar F455 is a great device for its price range and also if we compare it to its competition articles.

So what are the other specifications, features of the F455 device listed by the company? F455 has a quick-change long life rechargeable battery packs, instant start up where the device starts within 3 seconds, I personally have even better experience, that it starts even faster, device is also ipx7 waterproof and it operates from -25 to +50 celsius. And as you already know the infra red light is at 940nm which means animals can not detect it.

Some of the people are curious and they try to compare Pard NV007 to F455. And if we are talking on the range up to 70 meters, yes we can compare it. But there are a few things that I would like to mention. First disadvantage of Pard NV007 is that it’s mounted on the front end of your rifle scope and therefore you would need a gun stock extension, which you don’t need with F455 since the F455 is attached to the end of your rifle scope. Second in my personal opinion is that if you try to get clear focus with pard it takes a little longer than with Pulsar F455. Third disadvantage is that the quick-release setup at pard is not as good as compared to F455. Fourth Pard is not made for higher calibers while you can attach the F455 to a .375H&H with no problem. Fifth, the battery life of F455 is much longer, and the quality when you grab both devices in your hand you can feel the difference. So if you would be satisfied with a device for half the price and to use it up to 100 meters and on calibers like .308 my answer would be Pard NV007, but if you want something more, you would choose Pulsar F455 definitely.

We will cover the outdoor use of Pulsar Forward F455 in another article.

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European Gun Market, Article: 1/G/03/2020

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