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Pulsar Quantum Lite

Pulsar Quantum Lite


Pulsar Quantum Lite is the third upgrade of the Quantum line, simplified with the purpose to be available at a lower price. Similar to Quantum XQ models shape-wise and technology-wise, Quantum Lite is anticipated to replace the XQ models somewhere between April and July (the Quantum XQ will no longer be manufactured and will be replaced by the Helion models). The introduction of this series is quite revolutionary since the price of the two models is expected to range from 1400 € to 1600 € – thermal imaging devices are becoming more and more affordablePulsar Quantum Lite is an excellent choice for those who consider Pulsar Helion series’ extensive feature set unnecessary and its price costly. The range of possibilities is narrowed down to the most basic ones, making Pulsar Quantum Lite a user friendly, simple device (the user is not able to film videos, take pictures and share data on Youtube and social networks – these features are available on Pulsar Helion). There is an option of choosing between two models. The key difference is in the range of detection – the XQ23V model works up to 800 m, whereas the XQ30V’s range of detection is up to 900 m (consequently, the XQ30V is a bit more expensive). The XQ23V model has a wider field of view and is thus better for scanning of the surroundings. Both variants’ lens diameter varies from what’s already been seen on the market: XQ23V has a lens diameter of 23 mm, and XQ30V has a lens diameter of 30 mm.

Pulsar Quantum Lite

Model range:

Both models come with a 384×288 resolution and the same pixel count as XQ models (the size of a pixel is 17 µm). They have a refresh rate of 50 Hz and come with both a standard and a DNV battery pack. The external power supply can be connected to an EPS battery pack. Pulsar Quantum Lite series has basic stadiametric range finding capabilities and is IPX4 certified, meaning that it is protected against splashing water.

  • XQ23V – lens diameter of 23 mm, magnification 1.8x–7.2x
  • XQ30V – lens diameter of 30 mm, magnification 2.5x–10x


Here are the specifications of both Pulsar Quantum Lite models:

MODEL Quantum LiteXQ23VXQ30V
Resolution, pixels384×288384×288
Frame rate, Hz5050
Pixel size, µm1717
Magnification, x1.82.5
Continuous digital zoom, x1.8-7.22.5-10
Digital zoomx2 / x4x2 / x4
Objective lens, mm1823
Relative aperture, D/f’1:1.41:1.6
Close-up range, m33
Exit pupil, mm55
Field of view, degree / [email protected] m – horizontal16,5/2912,4/21,8
Field of view, degree / [email protected] m – vertical12,4/21,89.3/16,3
Diopter adjustment, D+5/-5+5/-5
Max. observation of an animal1.7 m high, m/yard approx.800/875900/985
Resolution, pixel640×480640×480
Power supply4÷6 V4÷6 V
Batery type4xAA4xAA
External power supply8.4-15 V8.4-15 V
Operating time on battery pack EPS3/EPS5, h9 / 209 / 20
Operating time on a battery set*, h, approx. (t=22°C)6.56.5
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)IPX4IPX4
Operating temperature-25°C … +50°C

-13°F … 122°F
-25°C … +50°C

-13°F … 122°F
Dimensions, mm / inch200x86x59 / 7.9×3.4×2.3200x86x59 / 7.9×3.4×2.3
Weight (without batteries), kg / oz0.35 / 12.40.35 / 12.4

First impressions and conclusion:

Pulsar Quantum Lite is very similar to its predecessor XQ. At first glance, this series closely resembles the XQ19 model but will come at a lower price. It is an excellent piece of news that high quality thermal imaging optics is becoming more and more affordable. Pulsar XQ series devices were of a superb quality and among the best on the market – the success of the Quantum Lite series is unquestionable since there is no competition in this price range whatsoever.

Pulsar Quantum Lite

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