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Smajo Mandžić from Srebrenica: The whole Balkans knows about his Posavac Hound

Smajo Mandžić from Srebrenica: The whole Balkans knows about his Posavac Hound

Hunting is already in the fourth generation in the family of Smaja Mandžić from Srebrenica. This retired major of the Army of BiH from Potocari near Srebrenica, holder of the Golden Lily and the Order of the Golden Lily with a golden wreath, is a successful entrepreneur and owner of a security agency, and hunting is his passionate hobby and way of relaxation

“My great-grandfather Ibrahim was also engaged in hunting, and the tradition was continued by grandfather Juso and father Idriz, then my late brothers Juso, Kiram and Salan Džemal, as well as me. All three brothers and my father died in the war. Now my 21-year-old son Salan, who is already an avid hunter, and I are engaged in hunting. From the attached, it can be seen that I have been hunting since my youth and I am a true lover of hunting and nature. I can say that I am also addicted to this sport. Hunting is not just about going and shooting, killing, but also about feeding the game and keeping what needs to be kept. It is known when to hunt and when not to. All this must be respected. Hunting is a serious and organized economic branch” explains Smajo Mandžić at the beginning of the conversation for Faktor.

He is a member of five hunting organizations in the Federation of BiH. The passionate hunter does not like to talk and brag about his hunting successes, and his feats and trophies speak for him.

“So far I have shot 20 wolves, and the wolf is a beast and in the hunting world, it is a term to shoot a wolf. He is the dream of every hunter. I used to wait for the wolf all night at a temperature of – 20 outside, cold and stiff. People end their hunting careers without seeing a wolf in the woods, let alone shooting it. My son has already shot a wolf at the age of 21” says Mandžić with pride.

One of the most important things in hunting are dogs, and those of Smaja Mandžić are the best and widely known in the Balkans.
“All countries of former Yugoslavia know about my dogs. They are breeds of Posavac Hound, and they specialize in hunting wild boars” says this hunter who shot both a bear and a deer, and in his collection, there is also a black grouse.

He also explained why he would not hunt them anymore, but also how much pleasure it was to hunt a wolf.

“I shot a bear and a deer purely to have them in my hunting collection, but a bear is a beautiful animal to me and I would never go bear hunting again.
The wolf is a beast, he eats hunting dogs. For example, when my hounds drive the pigs up into the mountain where the wolves reside, they tear them up and eat them. The season does not pass without our five to six dogs being killed” says the trophy hunter.

His Posavac Hounds once won awards at exhibitions and competitions for dogs.

“From the time I participated in the exhibitions, I won a lot of awards. Before, there were three or four exhibitions a year in Sarajevo, Bihać, Tuzla, but now they have failed and there are fewer and fewer of them. At that time, my dogs also won in Croatia, Serbia and wherever they came to the show. The dog that is now the world champion, the owner Darko Vučković from Sinj, is descended from my dogs” Smajo continues.

His favorite rifle from the collection is a gift from his friend Naser Orić from the war.

“My son and I have ten hunting rifles. We have everything we need to hunt, from the latest Swarovski optics onwards. Hunting is also an expensive sport, which certainly requires professional equipment, but what can I do when I am in love with it. Some people like expensive cars, while I drive a jeep that is almost falling apart in the city, and hunting, and then I load five or six dogs into it” says Mandžić, whose bases are the Hunting Society Olovo, the Hunting Society Zavidovići, the Hunting Society Tuzla, the Hunting Society Ilijaš and Hunting society Grebak Foča-Ustikolina.


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