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With me it was never about the trophy. Do not get me wrong. Of course I love to experience something new, every hunt for me is a new adventure. But to hunt in a different grounds or new species… Well my belief is that hunting is in our DNA. If we nurture it, yes that is a story for another day.

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Wild Boar

Ok, now let´s say that everything went according to the plan. The hunt was successful. And now what? Many people just let the meat go to the industry. But my belief here is different. My parents actually introduced me to the cooking and me… Meh, I always loved the good food.

Chamois I harvested last year.

With me nothing is left, to go by coincidence. I am using lead-free bullets because everything I bag, goes to my freezer. My family and me are big eaters when it comes to wild game meat. Of course as my family introduced me to the food, I am now introducing it to my kids.

I love it when the older one comes to me and asks me if that is what we will have for lunch. I love it when the food is on the table and he is all about eating and smiles. So when I shoot something it gets taken care of.

Meat processing in my kitchen.
This is how it´s done.

It is funny how you get used to the system that you learn at home. My biggest wish is that my children will appreciate everything. From harvesting to eating.

And now if you are a little bit like me, you will love this. You will need:

  • gnocchi
  • butter
  • onion
  • chamois
  • truffles
  • cooking cream
  • breadcrumbs
  • aromatic spices

The amount of ingredients depends on how much you would like to eat and how hungry you are. You can see from the photo that I wasn´t exaggerating.

First you slice up the onions and roast them, till it gets a little bit of color. Then you add the meat and when you roast it just right you can add a bit of water and stifle it just right. You can add the spices of your choice. Gnocci are done when they float to the surface of the water and then you strain the water from the gnocci. You can add a little bit of butter and roast the breadcrumbs and then you add the truffles. They match perfectly with the gnocci and wild game.

Voila, the job is done!

Chamois with black truffles gnocci roasted on breadcrumbs.

If you have any questions or anything else, do not hesitate to leave the comment.

European Gun Market, Article 3/TD/04/20

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