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You are what you eat! Sure, that is true for humans but since we domesticated our dogs, can that sentence be applied for dogs too? I believe so! Our hunting companions deserve to eat the best there is. If I could afford I for sure would feed them only raw. But that isn´t the case. Luckyily here comes TUNDRA.

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Tundra´s selection in three different varieties 750g, 3.18kg in 11.34kg.

Isn’t there a little wolf left in your pet?

TUNDRA is a province in the far north near the Arctic Circle and the vast boreal forests. For centuries, wolves lived there freely and in harmony with their primal instincts. They roamed vast expanses of land and fished in the tropics.

When developing TUNDRA dog food, they were inspired by the type of diet that in all respects resembled wolf prey, of course, adapted to the physiology and needs of the dog. A dog, like a wolf, is one of the beasts that mainly feed on meat and eat fruits, vegetables, herbs and carbohydrates in the form of the stomach contents of their prey. Our pet dogs are equipped with a wolf’s digestive tract and expect proper nutrition. TUNDRA product line is nutritionally balanced and cereal-free. Only the best ingredients, lots of fresh meat and fish in quality, suitable for human consumption, as well as fruits and vegetables are used. This combo is what dogs need today.

You can find everything on their website.

Ok, I certainly must say that my dogs simply love TUNDRA. Aswell the Deutscher Wachtelhund doesn´t have problems with allergies anymore. That for sure is a bonus! I like to say that with high-quality food, you save money on vets.

Grain-free petfoods are essential when dealing with allergies.
Ari – The Wachtelhund before he got to know Tundra.

If you check their website or go to, you can find everything. If you are not familiar with the declarations, you can ask them everything you want. And they will help you find the best solution for your dogs.

Puppy, active dogs, seniors…

Me and my wife Aleksandra are owners of a dog kennel Funkylands Labradors ( She always studies everything when we actually decide what to feed our dogs. We have an entire feeding plan thought out. For our hunters and of course when the litter is due, Tundra comes in. You can find everything, high calories food for your four-legged hunter or something moderate for your senior.

Tundra senior
Tundra puppy
Our puppy goes to new home with this puppy package.
Kennel Funkyland´s choco lab puppies.

Your dog isn´t a fan of the dry food? Tundra has something for those kind of dogs too. Different varieties and tastes of wetfood are also available. They come in next packaging:

  • 400g
  • 800g

There are also lots of different tastes available:

  • turkey
  • lamb
  • horse
  • wild game
  • salmon – chicken
Tundra wetfood – wild game

Tundra dry food is available in next varieties and tastes:

  • puppy
  • large breed
  • seniors
  • turkey
  • lamb
  • wild salmon
  • deer, salmon, duck

They also have the catfood and snacks. Snacks are perfect for dog schooling. If you ask me, Tundra is one of the best products on the market. In my opinion the quality of the Tundra petfood is also in the amount of the food you can feed to your dogs. Because of the high-quality ingredients the calories values are higher. In that case the amount of the daily meal is lower. I really do not compliment something (it goes for the weapons, optics, dogs or anything else) if it isn´t really good. I am certain that my dogs are satisfied and I can really see the results on my Wachtelhund. Once again you are welcome to check their website, inquiry them about the prices and try out some of this stuff! Believe me, your dog will thank you!

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